A Nordic Initiative for Sustainability and Profitability in Bangladesh

Energy Efficiency is great for business. It is all about increasing profitability while making production more sustainable. Still it is often overlooked in management decision-making. The 3e programme is identifying the business case for companies in Bangladesh to focus more on energy efficiency in their production and operations.

Target Sectors

  • RMG & Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement
  • Logistics
  • Steel

Main Activities

Establish Energy Efficiency Secretariat

Perform programme management and promote energy efficiency.

Build Knowledge Hub

Develop knowledge hub to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency for Bangladeshi companies and provide access to relevant reports and databases.

Conduct Energy Assessments

At 3e we call energy audits for energy assessments. The targets are: 50 Walkthrough Energy Assessments and 3-5 Detailed Energy Assessments.